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8 Reasons to believe in the Law of Attraction

8 Reasons To Believe In The Law Of Attraction

I believe in the law of attraction. If I take the example of the day, to begin with, I have experienced a bad day when I got up with bad thoughts. There were days when I was happy and a series of happy events took place back to back. So, I know, it’s difficult to believe in anything which is invisible and time taking. It is difficult to rely on any law to experiment with when problems all around in life.

I would say there is no harm in believing in the concept of the Law of Attraction. You can give it a try and things will change for good. You will see the result yourself. If you’re stuck with too much negativity in your life and have no idea how to clear this up, start with the Law of attraction and its technique.

Read the techniques of LOA here.

Here, I will mention the list of 8 things that might help you believe in the Law of attraction or at least give it a thought.

1. You reap what you sow

It merely means your present actions decide your future consequences. You think negatively and attract a lot of them. The universe will get you more of what you often think about. So think positively.

2. Dedication matters

The Law of attraction teaches you to be dedicated to your wish. First of all, you have to be very clear about what you want and it has to be particular and precise too. If you want a good job then you must have a definition of a good job because the good for you might not be good enough for others. You might want a high paying job or a certain position in the company or a job in a particular company. 

Second of all, let the universe and every part of you know, what you want and yes universe will get you there.

3. What the majority believes in, is not always true!

We live in an age where everyone follows what is trending. In an age where FOMO (Fear of missing out) is so prominent. People buy things just so, they should not miss out on things. Social media is teaching people to desperately follow the herd. Therefore, we are seasoned to think, what the majority is following, is right, which is not the fact. ‘Just because something is not popular among the masses that can’t be true’. is not the fact. 

So, what I am trying to say is that even if the concept of Law of attraction is not followed by people around you, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. You have to have faith in it. Believe in your dreams. And you will achieve it in no time.

4. Our own subconscious activities

There are many actions which we do not have any control over, in our own bodies. In a day, we perform many actions that are involuntary. And it gets repeated day after day without we even realizing it. We do not have any control over our own thought.

So my point is; when we have no idea what is going in our minds. We cannot control our own actions. How we will comprehend, how the universe operates.  

It solely depends on once faith and belief. We do not have an answer to all our curiosity but still, it happens on a daily basis. Similarly, the Law of attraction works only if you want something from all your heart.

Believe in your self

5. Existence of energy

Science has also proven that energy exists. You get goose-bumps in a particular extreme emotion. We all experience positive and negative energy. Even water molecules are receptive to energies. Read about this experiment. 

You have to believe in positive energy for positivity in your life.

6. No side effects

This is similar to prayer. If you believe in god/superpower you feel his blessings showered upon you. Aesthetics simply don’t feel this. Similarly, the law of attraction will work for you if you believe in it. In case, you don’t,  It won’t harm you if you want to give it a try.

7. Our limited knowledge

New discoveries are happening every day. What seems to be right at present could be proved wrong after a few years. Our belief is limited to the extent of our knowledge. If we go back to ancient times, we realize that there were theories we used to believe, seems crazy now. 

So, my point is, everyone is not aware of the power of the universe, but it can do wonders. In fact, a lot of miracles happen daily for which Science does not have any explanation.

8. Start and feel the difference

You will surely feel the difference after adopting the concept. The Law of attraction relieves you from all the negativity. And once negativity is gone, half of your problems are solved there only. Initiate and feel the changes yourself.

Believe in LOA

Wrap up

The eight reasons explained above will help you be more clear and decisive about starting to believe in the theory. It worked for me and it might work for you too. And to see the results you first need to initiate.  

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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