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8 Scripting Tips that help achieve your Law of Attraction Goals fast

8 Scripting Tips That Help Achieve Your Law Of Attraction Goals Fast


Want to manifest your life goals?  I will be giving you tips to achieve your goals faster in life using scripting.

For those who are not familiar with the law of attraction, it is a universal law that states humans act as magnets.

The Law of attraction is the thought you cultivate, you are likely to attract the same in your lives.

For example – Have you noticed, the days when you feel amazing,  only amazing things will happen that day.

You get up sad someday and you will notice the day will end up sad.

So whatever you focus on a day, the universe will send you more of that.

Energy will flow in the direction of your attention.

So, now you know, what you are is what you made yourself to be

With the right technique, you can direct the energy flow and achieve what you want in life.

Scripting is one of the most powerful techniques. It is the way of describing your life in a way that you always wanted to manifest.

Do you want to give the best presentation at the office? Describe how it feels like to give the best presentation.

Want to manifest the love of your life? Explain how it feels like to spend time with them? To be together?

You will be able to achieve what you manifest when scripting is done right.

Below are the eight scripting tips that will help you make the most of it.

#1. Morning thoughts

Morning thoughts are fresh and free. Starting your day with scripting is a good routine, this will define how you wanted to spend your whole day. You can write every day to create your day in advance. Write every detail about how you wanted your day to be like.

Think like you are already at the end of the day and explain the good and grateful things that happened, your achievements throughout the day, and how it ended on a good note.

This will help you live a great day as the law of attraction works its magic.

#2.Scripting a larger period of time

Start writing for weeks, months, or about your years in advance if you are not a daily person.

Before the beginning of each week or month or year, you need to sit for some time and manifest how you wanted your ideal week, month, or year to be. Make use of the power of the law of attraction to achieve what and how you wanted to live it.

#3. Describing your ideal job

You don’t feel like going to your job daily because you don’t like your office, your boss, or maybe your work.

So think of your dream job. What type of work you will be doing? How many colleagues you will have and who they all will be? What dress you will be wearing?

Describe every small detail and put all the excitement in your words. Let the universe know that this is how you wanted it to be!

#4. Scripting ideal life partner

Finding an ideal life partner or the love of their life is the goal for many.

Take your time to think of how you wanted the love of your life to be? What qualities do you want in them? How do you want to spend your day? How did you feel when you were with them?

The core values that you want in your relationship or the strengths that you would like to see in your partner, the ideal place that you want to meet them, write everything clearly with all the emotions that you feel while thinking. Send a signal to the universe with your scripting and achieve it a lot sooner.

#5. Describe your relationship with your body

Your body is your first home while you are in this world. It is very important that you should take care of your body first.

People spent ample when it comes to renovating or taking care of their physical home, but are you taking care of your actual home properly?

Spend some time to think about your relationship with your body.

Are you nourishing it properly? How according to you will be an ideal body in which you would like to live in? What you will eat to keep it fit and maintain it? Do you talk to/listen to your body?

Explain everything precisely and yes the law of attraction will make it happen for you.

#6. Scripting your dream place to travel

Do you love to travel? Most of us do.

Imagine your dream vacation. Describe what is the place? Who are the people you want to go with? How do you want to spend your day there? What do you want to eat? How are the people around?

Put all your emotions and thrill in your words, send it to the universe, and manifest it as time passes.

#7. Scripting about self-awareness

It is important to have a deeper connection with yourself. It has an important effect on various aspects of life. You have a great relationship if you are able to answer the following questions:

When you feel energetic, with people around or alone

Does your body say the same thing you wanted to say?

Write everything and connect with your self at a deeper level as the law of attraction does its magic.

#8. Describe your imagination of anything

Now that you know how the scripting works. Think of anything perfect, whatever you want to manifest in your life, imagine and script it with all your emotions.

Wrap up

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing at the beginning of the day or at the end of the night, for the day, a week, a month, or a year. Whatever you script, imagination is your only limit. Don’t forget to involve your emotions. Be precise and signal it to the universe. The law of attraction works all the time.

Imagine, script, and manifest it soon.


Image credit: pexels and Unsplash

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