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Easy Steps to master the Theta Brainwave Fast

Easy Steps To Master The Theta Brainwave Fast

Simple Steps to Reach Theta State of Mind Fast

What is Theta Brain Waves?

Theta brain waves take place when you’re sleeping or dreaming, but they don’t happen during the deepest phases of sleep. They may occur in the light phase of sleep, just before you wake up. Theta brain waves can also occur when you’re awake but in a very deeply relaxed state of mind. However, if you experience high levels of theta waves while you’re awake, you might feel a little sluggish or scattered. Theta waves have a range between 4 to 8 Hz range. It is important for processing information and making memories. We can reach theta state as fast as less than 10sec. In this blog, you will also find Easy Steps to master the Theta Brainwave Fast

What are the benefits of Theta Brain Waves?

  1. It helps in the relaxation of body and mind by expertise increased rejuvenation, growth, and healing.
  2. Theta brainwaves help to boost the immune system as it helps in the elimination of stress. Much stress and anxiety can cause harm to the immune system as it releases harmful chemicals. Theta brainwave counters these harmful chemicals and releases pleasant waves to keep the immune system sound and healthy.
  3. It acts as a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is the main house of all your emotions, memory, imaginations, etc.
  4. Theta brainwaves are majorly seen in highly creative peoples. Many talented singers, artists, investors have higher amounts of theta waves than the average individual. Following proper theta brainwave practices will enhance your creativity.
  5. It helps in solving advanced problems as theta waves remove the mental blocks and increase the activity of the brain. Therefore it enhances new thoughts and perceptions which helps you to approach any new problem with greater resourcefulness.
  6. Theta brainwave frequency helps to retain more information than the normal brainwave (beta brainwave). Theta brainwave frequency helps people to learn a large amount of information in a fewer time.

Easy Steps to master the Theta Brainwave Fast

How to reach Theta State of Mind fast?

We are all in a theta state of mind twice a day, when we sleep and when we woke up. But to reach the theta state of mind in consciousness we need to follow some simple steps. You can reach theta state of mind even in 10 seconds but before that, you need to follow some regular steps to master that process. Below are the easy steps to master the theta brainwave fast –


  • Location. – You need to have a quiet place where you can sit comfortably and free from all distractions for the meditation. You can sit in any posture you are comfortable with which help you to focus more and to master the Theta Brainwave Fast
  • Visualization. – Once you are ready for the meditation, think of yourself as a blue ball that is in the center of your chest. So now this blue ball is you which is in your chest and it’s gathering all the consciousness of your surrounding body parts and making it relaxed. Now start thinking that the blue ball which is in the center of your chest is moving downwards to your belly, vest, thighs, ankle, and feet. And while the ball is making the downward journey it’s collecting all the consciousness of the body part and making the whole body relaxed. The main fundamental of deep meditation is to be in a relaxed state. Now you have to make an upward journey of the ball in the same way it came down. When the ball has reached the top of your head, it leaves out from the center of your head for an upward journey. In this state, you are in Theta state of mind. This whole process will take around 8 to 10 minutes.
  • Trigger (an easy and fast way to reach Theta). –  The above-mentioned step will take nearly 10 minutes now it’s not possible to devote 10 mins every time anywhere to be in theta. And in here the trigger is the best way to reach theta in much lesser time than the usual timing. Also, it’s one of the effective and ancient ways to reach it fast. In this step, you have to join your index finger with your thumb which works as a trigger. But it shouldn’t be always. It may be required to touch your index finger with your thumb for some other reasons and at that time we will not like to get in a theta state. So you have to instruct your subconscious mind that when you are doing the trigger and your intention is to be in theta state only that time it works. To instruct your subconscious mind you have to follow the regular meditation step which is mentioned above to master the trigger process for 1 week or less. This is the easy Easy Step to master the Theta Brainwave Fast


Theta brainwaves are effective in reducing stress anxiety and tp keep the overall body balance in a relaxed state. Overall it helps to heal the body and the mind. It enhances a high level of intelligence. Moreover, the easy steps to master the theta brainwave fast are almost like a deep meditation. It is the best medicine to explore yourself in a different new way. Everyone should try to be in theta meditation and you can see the changes in yourself in few days or sometimes within 24 hrs.

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