Factors that May Short-Circuit the Laws of Attraction

It takes practice and dedication to properly grasp the laws of attraction in your life. The law can react in unexpected ways for a number of reasons, practically all of which depend on the user’s ability to follow the instructions required to succeed with this fantastic new instrument. Fortunately, the errors committed while using the law of attraction are universal, making them straightforward to recognize and remedy.

5 Common Errors

1). Thinking positively is enough to attract what you want

Positive thinking is merely conscious thought, which is why it is insufficient to activate the laws of attraction. Belief must also enter the subconscious.

The subconscious and conscious minds always work together. Every moment, the conscious mind receives hundreds of bits of information from all five senses. Even for an advanced tool like the human brain, this is a huge quantity of data to handle. The mind would progressively go insane if bombarded with all of that data.

Instead, the mind created the conscious mind, which reviews the information received from the senses and retains what it deems relevant. Anything it deems unimportant is sent to the subconscious. The subconscious will preserve this knowledge, guarding suppressed memories until they are needed again.

This topic will be discussed in more detail later, but for now, suffice it to say that if the conscious mind tries to think positive thoughts while the subconscious retains negative energy, the two will cancel each other out, and the desired effect will not be achieved.

2).  Impatience

Remember that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Other environmental variables must be ideal for an event to occur correctly.

This means that the law of attraction may take weeks, months, or even years to respond to a single person’s wants. People today are pampered; they want what they want now. A novel hypothesis that does not deliver immediate results will not be well embraced.

Denial of the laws of attraction is also a clear violation of the principles required to see positive results. A person who is confident in the capacity of the law’s power to effect desired consequences will be content to sit and wait, knowing that what they want most will come in time.

If you aren’t, it means you don’t trust it to deliver the required results. This signifies that you contain a small amount of negative energy that can sabotage the entire process of positive attraction. Remember, if you vibrate negative energy, you will attract more negative energy.

3) Planning how and when to attract what you want

Let nature do its thing! It’s possible to become so focused on what you expect to happen that you miss it when it doesn’t happen the way you expected.

As stated previously, the universe will determine the time and location for all occurrences, and these events may occur in odd ways. Predicting how you will obtain your benefits removes the option from nature’s hands, and sets you up for a harsh fall.

Because you don’t believe in the law of attraction (it didn’t do what it was supposed to, did it? ), your subconscious will emit negative energy, which will drive away positive energy.

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4) Letting external evidence guide your emotions

To fully profit from the law of attraction, you must believe that what you see now is a result of what you have attracted up to this point; you must also think that what has happened in your life and what will happen in the future is entirely up to you. Your mind and body have sent out energies into the universe that have resulted in your achievements or failures.

“I certainly didn’t want that to happen; the laws of attraction must be false since I would never desire for something so awful,” you may think. You must know that your conscious mind does not always affect your subconscious mind’s projections.

So here’s the fifth most common blunder

5) Limiting beliefs remain

Many people slip into a self-defeating cycle due to their inability to manage their subconscious ideas and attitudes. Why is there so much pain in the world if people can control their own lives? No, these people have not chosen a life of hunger and servitude, but their history has led many of them to believe they have no choice.

Because they don’t believe they can change their circumstances because “it’s always been this way,” they will continue to live this way. However, their subconscious continues to transmit disbelief and negative energy into the cosmos, attracting negative energy that keeps them in this self-destructive loop.

World-changing changes have been made by those who dared to dream and believed in the possibilities given by their visions. Do you think the colonies could have won the Revolutionary War if they truly felt they would never be free of the British? Do you think Henry Ford would have invented the Model T if he didn’t sincerely believe a man could ride in the car? Women’s liberation would have occurred if women truly believed they were doomed to live their lives under the control of their fathers and husbands?

The law of attraction cannot work properly unless these limiting ideas are removed. If you honestly believe that the law of attraction is not working for you, analyze your wishes. Do you actually believe these things can happen, or are you just wishing? Do you subconsciously feel that any of those things will happen for one reason or another?

To project the positive vibes required to attract the universe’s energies to you, you must be fully confident in your power to influence change and willing to believe that everything that has happened up to that point has been necessary to bring these events about.

Accepting responsibility is the cornerstone of the Law of Attraction.

“...when your own voice and vision outweigh the outside viewpoints, you’ve mastered your life.”

Dr. Demartini

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