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How can you manifest your dreams?

How Can You Manifest Your Dreams?

Let’s start with what is a dream

The dream is something that you want very much to happen. A cherished aspiration or ambition.

Positive thinking is the first step of the law of attraction which will make your dreams come true. But nothing changes overnight. Your faith and belief will change gradually and you will have to work really hard towards unlearning /undoing the negatives.

We have already entered the new year with new dreams and ambitions. Now is the best time to start building your dreams into reality.

You just need to shift to a more positive way of thinking. Positive attracts positive. If you wish to unfold your full potential and live the life of your dreams, you must tune into yourself. 

Here are some of the ways which will help you to manifest your dreams into reality.


Clarity of your dreams

The clarity of dreams is very important. It means you have to be really specific about what you want. More clear it is, easier for the universe to get you that. For example, if you want a soulmate, be clear about how you wanted him to be – his characteristics, looks, qualities, etc.

Worry List for your worries

You might not think of being happy all the time but often get stuck with worries. Worry list is for you to note down all your worries as soon as it comes to your mind. Write and forget it. Release all your negatives instantly. This will help you focus on the positives. And you will gradually shift from negatives to positives if you’ll practice this for some time.


Follow 3-6-9 method

Once you have pinpointed what exactly you want, write it down on paper. You can write it in a 3-6-9 method.  Meaning, you have to write 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times at night for 45 days. This will remind you of your dreams every time and take you closer.


Start working towards your dream

You are not going to get any result without your action. Set aside and think about what steps you can take to reach your dream and then build them in your routine.


Visualize your dreams

Visualization is an important way to get closure to your dreams. Before sleeping every day, visualize your dreams, and feel thrilled. Let your body feel the positive vibration. This will keep you energized and take you towards achieving it. Always expect that your dream will come true. Expectation drives your desire and helps it to turn into reality.


Be energy efficient

Always keep in mind that “like energy attracts like energy”. Your focus and positive energy will help you realize your dream faster.

Be thankful for what you receive

You may not get everything in order and the time frame you envision but should accept and acknowledge whatever you receive. Create a grateful note. Before going to bed, give five to ten minutes writing down a few things for which you are grateful.


Believe in yourself

It is not possible to move forward if you don’t believe in yourself. Manifesting your dreams is a combination of magic and action. If you don’t believe in yourself and think you will fail then you will probably fail. Think of your inspiration and how you will achieve your aim. it will keep giving you encouragement and motivation. There are some activities that will help you believe in yourself such as yoga, meditation, reading inspirational stories, etc.


Be flexible and trust the process

The steps you take don’t matter if you don’t believe in them, so always trust your action, vision, clarity, and process.


Dream big and act accordingly. Because when you dream big there is the chance you will surely get something. The bigger your dream will be, the more you make effort and the more beautiful your life will become. The manifestation of the dream is not instantaneous. Applying it requires patience, effort, and training. The time it takes to reach the goal will be different for everyone. You can create a life you want by mixing two essential ingredients: thoughts and actions along with gratitude and a little appreciation.


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