How Do the Laws of Attraction Affect Me?


This is a fantastic (and critical) question. After all, knowing what the law of attraction is won’t help you much if you don’t know how to apply it to your own life. Once you’ve learned the fundamentals of the law of attraction, you may apply them to every aspect of your life.

The first step toward success through the law of attraction is to accept responsibility for your life’s events, both good and bad. This is frequently the most challenging aspect of manifesting success, as we are trained from childhood to believe that our environment has a significant role in the circumstances in which we find ourselves. It’s quite difficult to accept responsibility and realize that your surroundings played a minor role in each of these events; in many cases, you’ll have no one to blame except yourself.

To assist you in moving past these experiences, take a moment to jot down on a piece of paper all of the significant events in your life (again, both good and bad). Allow ample space beneath each one. Take time now to reflect on these events. Write down how you felt at the moment they occurred, how you felt before them occurring, and what events transpired prior to this. The likelihood is that you will discover that favorable events occurred during times when you possessed a pleasant mindset and other aspects of your life were going well. On the other hand, the events that occurred most likely occurred concurrently with other occurrences in your life that contributed to your gloomy attitude on life. Coincidence?

Once you’ve acknowledged that you are ultimately accountable for your own fate, it’s time to take the next step and select what aspects of your life you’d like to change.

#1 Are you looking for a new job?
#2 Are you moving to a new house?
#3 Are you ready to commit to a serious relationship?
#4 Have you received a promotion?

Make a list of the goals you intend to accomplish and write them down. Display them prominently; continually being able to see the anticipated outcomes of your efforts will assist you in staying on track. In effect, by creating this list, you are requesting something from the cosmos. Consider this for a while to ensure that it is firmly embedded in your mind, and keep your goals precise; setting a goal that is too large or too broad nearly guarantees that you will not be able to accomplish it since you will be too preoccupied with how you will accomplish it.

Raise your vibrations to a completely positive state. Act and feel as if you are certain that the desired outcome will occur. This is a critical component of the law of attraction since it is all too easy for your thoughts to wander to all of the challenges you may meet while attempting to accomplish your goals. This will result in a decrease in your vibrations, which will operate against you rather than for you.

Acknowledge that it is possible. Oftentimes, your subconscious is your own impediment; you will be convincing your conscious mind that something is possible while your subconscious is sifting through the reasons why it would never work. To assist yourself in overcoming this roadblock and having complete faith in your ability to accomplish this change in your life, return to the sheet of paper on which you wrote your goals and attempt to rewrite them in language that will help your mind and body accept them as fact.

It is recommended that you write these remarks in the third person rather than the first; the mind frequently has difficulty accepting something as reality when it is couched in relative terms such as I, me, or my. For instance, if you’re looking for work, you may remark, “Millions of people work in jobs that make them happy every year.” If you’re looking for a meaningful connection, you could remark, “Millions of people worldwide have discovered their soul mate and are now happily settled in comfortable, established relationships.”

The objective of writing these statements down is to cleanse your mind of negative vibes and doubts. If you are unwilling to accept the outcome as fact, your subconscious mind will create a different conclusion, which will be the focus of your mind and body; as a result, this outcome will become your reality, and you will walk away completely convinced that the law of attraction is completely bogus.

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