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Make a wish come true with the water manifestation technique

Make A Wish Come True With The Water Manifestation Technique

We all know that water is life but do you know that the water technique can actually help you make your wish come true.

Water molecules are conscious and receptive to energy frequencies. There was a Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto who carried out a series of experiments where water was kept inside different bottles and labeled with positive and negative messages. A drop from each bottle was then placed on a slide and frozen deeply to form a crystal-like structure.

The findings were amazing. The crystals formed of positive messages (love, honesty, thank you) had beautiful geometric patterns whereas crystals formed of negative messages (hate you, kill you) had unpleasant geometric formations.

Water Experiment_Masaru_Emoto

He further experimented by exposing water samples to different kinds of music and emotions (anger, love, hatred) and freeze them for assessment. 

Again the result was astounding. 

The structure formed out of positive emotions was aesthetically pleasing and that of negative emotions were irregular and random in shape.

This suggests that water molecules are receptive to energy. They also react the same way our subconscious mind reacts when exposed to different emotions.

Now how this is related to the water manifestation technique?

The human body is 70% water. 

For manifestation, our intentions should be positive. With such positive intent when we charge the water molecules it affects us in a real positive way.

We all, always manifest things. If we think of disaster and failure all the time we are likely to attract the same whereas if we think of love, compassion, and confidence we are likely to get more of the same positive energy from the universe. This is how the law of attraction works. 

In order to achieve a maximum result through manifestation, we follow a technique called the water technique. Here are the 6 steps that you need to follow to achieve your desire.


1. Take a post-it/sheet of paper.

Write down the wish that you wanted to come true. 

If you are looking for a life partner/love of your life you can write something like I have a wonderful love in a wonderful way, and my wonderful love has come to stay.

2. Get a glass and fill it with clean water

This might appear silly, but you have to be at a higher level of consciousness. By doing this you will be able to connect with the power of the universe. You will gain the ability to integrate their power with your mind and heart and will be able to interact with your subconscious mind.  


3. Attach the paper (where you have written your wish/affirmation) to the glass.

Keep the affirmation short as the long ones lose their meaning.


4. Rub your palms for the proper energy flow and place them on the glass of water.

You can really feel the power of your hands is mixing with the power of the water in the glass.


5. Say the affirmation

You can say it quietly or loudly. When you say it loudly, your whole body gets involved in it and the energy flows through the entire body.


6. Visualize what you want to achieve and let it flow from you to water molecules

Your power flows in the direction of your attention so your attention and focus should be solely on your goal. When you say it aloud and visualize it, every cell of your body knows what you want and signal it to the universe. The universe will then make it happen for you.


You can exercise this technique every morning or evening before you go to sleep. 

Be realistic with your goals. Small wishes would take a month’s time to come true while larger wishes will take months or years. If you have more than one wish then you will have to keep a separate glass for each wish.

All you need is to stay positive, believe in it and you will manifest what you want!

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