Can the Laws of Attraction Help Me in My Career?

The law of attraction can assist you in determining the route of your future, as well as the achievements and failures that may occur along the way. Consider the possibilities of the law of attraction when applied to your work environment for a moment. It may be tough for people looking for work to find one that fits them. Is this because such a job does not exist, or is it because they subconsciously believe they will be unable to find work and hence emit so much bad energy into the world that they drive these jobs away?

Anyone who has ever attempted to get work (or knows someone who has) understands that you have a significantly better chance of finding gainful employment while you are already employed than when you are unemployed. For someone who has lost their job and is temporarily unemployed, climbing Mount Everest may appear to be a more appealing prospect than securing that crucial first interview. Job after job appears to be uninterested in what they have to give.

Why is this the case? It cannot be because there are no available jobs; after all, they would not have applied for the position if the employer had not already demonstrated an interest in hiring new employees. Why, therefore, do people endure months or even years of unemployment?

The reason for this is because they frequently assume they will be unable to find work and, as a result, have given up looking. They do not actually trust that any of their efforts will bring fruit in their subconscious minds, and hence transmit that negative energy all around them.

On the other hand, an individual who already has a job is secure and confident in their ability to find and keep a job; after all, someone clearly thought them worthy enough to hire (and retain) them in the first place, and chances are they are looking for a new job because they believe they deserve a job that will treat them well.

This quiet confidence is what will cause the law of attraction’s effects to become apparent. Because they are projecting this wonderful energy outward, they will attract positive energy as well, so attracting the job they actually desire. Remember when you were naming your objectives above and had to embrace the possibility that they might come true?

Chances are, you, too, are seeking more from your work than you already have; if not, you probably don’t need to read this, as you have clearly mastered the capacity to design your own course. If you’re still looking for that golden opportunity, simply ask the universe for it and then sit back and wait, confident that the universal law of attraction will bring it to you. It may not occur today or tomorrow, but it will occur.

Assume you are OK with your current position but wish to advance; after all, no one wants to remain at the bottom of the totem pole indefinitely.

To obtain the promotion you desire, the first thing you must do is eliminate any uncertainty in your mind. Approach the interview with the certainty that the position is yours; remember, if you are still living under the impression that the position is above you and you are unsure that you possess the essential qualifications to fill the role, you are completely correct.

“We are limitless beings…we have no boundaries.”
Beckwith, Michael

The same approach applies to starting a new firm. If you attended high school, you were almost certainly lectured on what to do and what not to do during an interview. Allowing the interviewer to show your nervousness is a major no-no in interviewing protocol. By demonstrating to the interviewer that you are confident in your ability to handle any task assigned to you, you increase your employee value in their eyes.

The same may be stated for each endeavor at business establishment. When addressing prospective investors, it is critical that you have complete confidence in yourself and your business in order to ensure that they will take a chance on you.

Is this desire for complete assurance purely coincidental, or is the law of attraction at work? By believing in your skills, you put positive energy into the universe, so attracting the positive energies already present in the universe to yourself.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of vibrating positive energy while discussing the law of attraction, and this theme will be reiterated in virtually every debate about it. The release of positive energy into the universe enables you to chart your destiny on a straight path to success rather than a wavy path of uncertainty that will eventually lead to unhappiness, either through failure to accomplish the goals for which you have worked so hard or through the constant up and down the flow of your life, never knowing which will dominate.

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