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Universal Laws

Universal Laws

What are the Universal Laws?

Let’s talk about important universal laws. We get so many questions about the law of attraction nowadays, like how can you attract all of the good things in your life? How can you attract more money? How can you get healthier? How can you improve your life in all other ways? Please understand that the law of attraction itself is a combination of very important Universal laws existing in the universe.

You did not create these universal laws. Nobody created them, but they exist. So we human beings just need to understand it, like how we understand gravity. There are many principles on this topic, but we would like to give you only the key points, the takeaway points, so you can start changing your life from today. Let’s get into it. So let me just repeat this one more time, that there are all of these universal laws but we don’t have any control over them. All we really have to do is to understand them.

The first law that I want to talk to you about is:

The Law Of Oneness:

The Law Of Oneness says that whatever God put together, no man can separate. Now before you became this human being, you were just two separate cells in two separate bodies. That’s where the process started, every cell began to divide in the animals, and before you knew that it was you, it was created in perfection. And that is how God’s magic works always. But if these two cells don’t come together, there will be no creation. So if you have a dream or something that you desire, and you’re not focused on it, or you’re not holding on to that energy, and you are distracted or have changed your mind and now you want something else, then you will not achieve that powerful force of attraction.

So what now? If you just hold on, stay concentrated, and visualize your dream and desires, you can do the gratitude practice. Start visualizing what you want and stay focused on it for longer. That’s when the Law Of Oneness will come together, and the energy will be locked and you just cannot undo this process. Karmic wheels will begin to turn and everything that you need will be coming to you instantly because you’ve reached that state of oneness with your idea. That’s when the divine consciousness and your idea meet with each other. So staying focused on that is probably the most important lesson that you can learn from the law of attraction.

The second principle is:

The Law Of Correspondence:

Law Of Correspondence is such a powerful principle. If the outer world has become a reflection of your inner world then instead of trying to control your external, you can simply control your internal emotions. You should always understand that your results are creating your future, so whatever is happening on your inside will be reflected on your outside. So think about it for a second. This is the Law Of Correspondence.

The next law is:

The Law Of Polarity:

As indicated by the Law of Polarity, everything is double. So things that seem by all accounts must have their alternate extremes, and they are really two indivisible pieces of something very similar. Consider hot and cold for instance; despite the fact that they’re alternate extremes, they’re very similar continuum and you can’t have one without the potential for the other. You can think about anything you desire to show similarly. For instance, the rewards are indistinguishable from any financial requirements, love is indivisible from people, and achievement is indistinguishable from disappointment; every accompaniment has the potential for its inverse.

So once you comprehend this idea, take a snap or record about what you need to show, and also record its inverse. This is the beginning of applying the Law of Polarity viably.

The next law is:

The Law Of Mentalism:

This Law Of Mentalism tells that divine consciousness is the mental force of intelligence, and it can give you the same power of thinking. Imagine a carrot. An image of the carrot appears in your mind instantly. Right? You have created that image, and that image wasn’t there before you created it just by thinking about it in your mind. Through the law of action, you can produce, you can buy yourself a carrot, or if you plant it, you’ll see it growing.

Now, there are many ways for you to manifest a carrot, but that first image which is the creation, happened in your mind, that’s what divine consciousness is. And that I call, God! That’s what it is. It’s that thinking force that creates everything through mental power. It imagines things like everything that comes into reality, through the imagination of God and the Law Of Mentalism.

The next law is:

The Law Of Rhythm:

Everything vibrates and moves to positive rhythms. These rhythms set up seasons, cycles, scopes of improvement, and examples. Each cycle resembles the normality of God’s Universe.

“Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates”

                                                                                                                                                                                      — The Kybalion.

The Law of Rhythm expresses that the force inside the universe resembles a pendulum. At whatever point something swings to one side, it should then swing to the other side. Everything in life is worried about a move… influencing, streaming, swinging to and from everything is either creating or passing on.

So the next law is:

The Law Of Transmutation Of Energy:

So what happens to us when this life on Earth ends? We cannot just die, we cannot disappear into nothingness. According to this Law Of Transmutation Of Energy, we will simply change the form. Everything just changes the form, so if you burn a piece of wood right now, the energy turns into something not physical. If you take water and you put it to freeze, it will turn into ice; if you heat it, it will evaporate. Like this, the same substance is changing its forms.

If you boil the water for long enough, it will be gone completely. It will just become steam, not any physical energy. Now think of the Law Of Transmutation Of Energy. The point of view in your mind is itself right because nothing ever disappears, nothing ever stops. Everything that has ever been here in this universe is still here, though not by being physical, it’s still here in a different form.

The next law is:

The Law Of Vibration:

According to the Law Of Vibration, nothing is standing still in this universe. If you look at a solid object under a microscope, you’ll see that there is always a flow of motion, like we’re moving from a lower vibration to a higher vibration. Every solid with a lower vibrational state, coming with your spiritual essence, can get a higher vibrational state. So it’s about finding that balance.

If you try to get tuned into your spirit cells, all the time you will lose your sense of reality, as you may just get disappeared into some transcendence and the same way you can always just focus on your physical body, providing it constant pleasure, such as food, sex, alcohol, etc. You know it could take down the wrong path. As well when there’s too much so it’s finding the balance, like the perfect balance between your physical self and your spiritual self.

So here you go, guys, here are some thoughts on universal laws. You read and then you understand these laws. Hence, you understand God. If you study them thoroughly, you will understand the mind of God. You’ll understand the intention, so the divine consciousness and why God puts certain things in order.

To know more about these laws I would recommend to you to read this book: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.


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